How to Float


The best advice is to not have any expectations since this will be your first experience in this completely unique setting. We recommend that people have both the music and lights on to start their first float. This will allow for maximal relaxation and to allow you and your mind to get accustomed to the weightless environment. After about the first 5-15 minutes, you will start to experience the relaxation state of mind begins to set in. At this point, you may choose to shut the lights, and/or the music, off to slip further into a deeper state of rest. Then just relax. Simple. No agenda. No expectations. Just Release.


You are no longer a beginner. You have experienced the massive level of relaxation that you can attain in 60 minutes. You have felt the difference in your sleep and reduced stress level over the following week. You can now begin to focus more on the things you desire. If it is a further stress reduction or increasing peace, then you can continue to follow the same pattern as you did on your first float. However, if you are to the level where you have achieved these goals, then you can begin to modify your float to further enhance the experience; either with different music, lights, and meditation. You will begin to become a student of yourself and learn what it takes to meet your needs for that float. No stress. No anxiety. Just Peace.


Now that you can now teach a master’s class on rest and relaxation, you can move on to the next level. This level is attained by a combination of relaxation floats and focused problem-solving floats. This may sound counter-intuitive as most relate problem-solving with stress. However, in the floating state, you can bring a thought, a problem, a question to the float and allow the amazing power of your brain to work through it and bring you a solution, while still maintaining the peace of the floating experience. You will experience clarity that you may have never experienced before. No interruptions. No distractions. Just Solutions.

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